Zoe rivas: mean girl or bad ass?

Zoe Rivas

 Zoe Rivas has played a mean girl, a victim and a bad ass but what role will Zoe play in the 14th season of ‘Degrassi‘?

A strong and confident Zoe was ready to put the past behind her and look forward to the future but little did she know Becky Baker was about to stand in her way. Since she had mended her friendship with Maya, Zoe was ready to focus all her energy on ruling Power Cheer but Becky had already snagged that title. Zoe didn’t have an issue sharing the team with Becky but Becky certainly had an issue sharing it with Zoe.


Becky confided in Drew, telling him that being around Zoe reminded her of everything she went through during her brother’s trial and decided it would be easier to cut Zoe from the team. Becky told Zoe it was because of the attention she would attract due to her ‘baggage’ but Zoe wasn’t having any of it. It didn’t take long for Zoe to throw Becky’s own baggage right back in her face and Zoe sent the cheer queen flying. Literally.

11-baggage 12-beckyfall

The lesson here: don’t mess with Zoe Rivas! Tell us in the comments if you think Zoe is a mean girl or bad ass and catch more of her boss-lady ways on all-new episodes of ‘Degrassi’ airing Tuesday nights at 9e/6p on MTV!

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