Zac efron spills on being stripped by rita ora


Zac Efron Spills On Being Stripped By Rita Ora

Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz


When MTV News found Zac Efron backstage after his already-infamous ab demonstration at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, he seemed a little out of it. “I don’t know what just happened,” he said.


Well, Zac, to put it frankly, Rita Ora did you and the ab-loving world a big favor and spiced up your Best Shirtless Performance acceptance speech.

Despite his initial confusion backstage, Efron eventually came to his sense. “There’s no real speech you can give for that,” he said. “I feel like I actually got helped out. I think she helped me out.”

Efron nearly left the stage without a show-stopping moment, but then Ora came over. “I was about to bail, and she ripped my shirt off for me, so that was kind of cool of her,” he said.

For her part in the show, Ora took pride in her on-stage antics. “It was warm, soft, tender, like a chicken’s thigh,” she said. “I think I’m going to get a few tweets, like ‘Thank God somebody had common sense.’ But when you have a speech like that you can’t really just have a speech. You have to take your top off.”