You’re not ‘invisible’: todrick hall takes on hunter hayes’ super-inspiring hit

If you’re feeling lost and troubled, Todrick Hall wants you to know one thing: You’re not invisible.

After nailing Pentatonix’s amazing a capella skills earlier this week, the YouTube sensation has gone country and created another musical masterpiece with a touching rendition of Hunter Hayes’ smash single “Invisible.”

For his latest video, the star trades in infectious melodies and eye-catching costumes for a more simpler tone, letting his beautiful vocals take front and center. But Toddy isn’t the only one in the spotlight — he’s also enlisted the help of a diverse group of friends to convey the song’s positive and emotional message.

“Hear me out / There’s so much more of this life than what you’re feeling now / And someday you’ll look back on all these days / And all this pain is gonna be invisible,” they croon in unison.

So if you find yourself hitting replay on T’s amazing cover, don’t fret. There’s a chance that you can watch the performance live on stage. That’s right, Todrick is hitting the road for his very first tour — Toddlerz Ball — where he’ll be performing the best from his YouTube hits. And, if we’re going by his tweet, fun times ahead are guaranteed:

(Check out the official dates below!)


+ Get inspired and motivated (FYI, be prepared to shed a few tears) with Todrick’s beautiful video, and don’t forget to watch “Todrick,” premiering Monday, August 31 at 10e/7p!