Young and pregnant poll: should ashley name her baby after bar’s mom?

Ashley and Bar have not yet welcomed their daughter, but the Young and Pregnant couple is already fighting about a major part of their little girl’s life. The issue: Giving her the middle name Marie (Holly will be her first name) — aka the middle name of Bar’s mother Shen. The bigger problem: Ashley strongly dislikes Shen.

“We don’t get along. I don’t care for her, and I don’t want my daughter carrying around some name for someone that I don’t like,” Ashley told her boyfriend, who insisted the middle name would be a nickname rather than a legal moniker.

Meanwhile, Shen didn’t take the news that Ashley wasn’t adhering to her one request for her granddaughter very well.

“She was supposed to have my [middle] name. And then this big argument happens, and next thing I knew, she snatched it from me and you let her,” Shen cried to Bar. “[The name] is like a tradition in this family.”

Unfortunately, Ashley and Bar couldn’t find common ground on the matter, especially after Ashley’s mom took her daughter’s side. This culminated in an explosive, expletive-filled argument in which Ashley and Bar bashed each other’s “disrespectful” parents — which ultimately resulted in Ashley telling Bar to not bring his mom to her fast-approaching shower.

But back to the name situation. Is Shen right in wanting Ashley and Bar to follow family tradition with the middle name Marie? Or should the young parents have the freedom to name their daughter whatever they wish, especially since the mother and grandmother aren’t on good terms? Keep watching Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant every Monday at 10e/7p.