You win some, you lose some: the ‘rivals ii’ hall of fame!


As silver medal-holder Johnny Bananas aptly observed on last night’s “Rivals II” finale: “You win some, you lose some.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, JB. *wink!* Over the course of this “Challenge” season, the game’s competitors have gone to great heights to avoid elimination, and suffered some pretty unfortunate losses when they couldn’t manage to find their footing. Either way, we got some great Sports Center-worthy moments throughout.

Collected below are some of our favorite GIFs from the season. From Paumily’s final victory hug to Aneesa’s crushing cry-fest, take a last look at the highest of the highs, and the lowest of the lows.



1) Wes: How do you solve a problem like a road-blocking Knight? Leap-frog over him, of course! Team Grey absolutely killed “Rampage,” and it’s pretty clear why.


2) Jordan: The man with one hand is one of the most determined Challengers to play the game, and even though the odds were stacked against him and Marlon during the rookies’ first trip to the Jungle, Jordan dug deep and pulled out a nail-biting win.


3) Derek: Before his early departure with teammate Robb, Derek made a splash in the first Jungle by breezing by his Goliath opponents and ringing the victory bell with time to spare. Sometimes it’s not slow and steady, but quick and nimble, that wins the race.


4) Jasmine and Theresa: Not every “Rivals II” win came at the expense of bloodied limbs or missing teeth — Jaresa managed the season’s most dainty W when the other ladies agreed to let ’em squeak by. Way to go, twinkle toes!


5) Paula and Emily: Though some last-minute jitters had them convinced they’d fall apart in the final, the game’s lady-Hulks officially claimed what was rightfully theirs after a trek through Nightmare Island: a big ol’ check worth more than a modest suburban home.



1) Aneesa: There was no consoling Aneesa after she and teammate Diem lost the final Jungle by a landslide. The ladies fought hard all season, but couldn’t avoid their last-round elimination curse.


2) Dunbar: If you blinked, you might have missed him and Tyrie. The guys came in dead last during the game’s first mission, were sentenced to The Jungle and almost immediately forced out of Thailand. Hope they enjoyed their stays!


3) Johnny: Once an eager young buck, Johnny was reduced to an immobile old man after “Rampage,” proving time can make even the toughest competitors crumble. Can we get you a firm pillow, sir?


4) Knight: All of Knight’s fellow competitors traversed a hanging rope from one structure to another without much struggle, but the former hockey player just couldn’t hang…literally…


5) Jasmine: You can never accuse Jasmine of giving up, but you can accuse her elimination round-treadmill of having it out for her. Though she and Theresa started out their final Jungle strong, they ultimately slipped right on out of the game.