You win some, you lose some: ‘rivals’ jaresa cake-walk into first place, zach celebrates too soon

Much of “The Challenge“‘s entertainment value is the drama that erupts off the field, but “Rivals II” includes some incredible competitors whose moves keep us on the edge of our seats, too. Each week, we’re pointing out the highs and lows of every mission, so you can watch every triumph, and every COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE, on a loop forever and ever. You win some, you lose some…

On the most recent “Rivals II,” it wasn’t the usual rat-race to the top. Some teams opted against bringing their A game in an effort to shake up the winner’s circle, and for a few duos, that meant an unexpectedly easy jaunt to the finish line. Still, there were enough epic spills into the ocean to keep us satisfied (and one particularly entertaining helmet throw!). Check out the high and low points from the most recent episode below, in our miniature GIF museum!


WIN SOME: After getting tangled up in a bamboo maze, it was nice to see Jasmine and Theresa catch a break. Their fellow female competitors decided against trying to knock them out at the day’s mission, and the result was an easy stroll into the top spot that surprised even them. Enjoy your cool $1K, ladies!


LOSE SOME: After coming up short in the mission and being sentenced to The Jungle, Zach and Trey were determined to win and return to the house. And for a moment, it seemed like they had, but Zach’s victorious screams and the tossing of his helmet into the crowd of Challengers proved to be premature, as TJ informed him that he and Trey hadn’t played the game as instructed, and Team Green was consequently DQed and sent home. Rules are there for a reason, man!