You win some, you lose some: marlon and jordan careen into first place, jasresa get lost [gifs]

Much of “The Challenge“‘s entertainment value is the drama that erupts off the field, but “Rivals II” includes some incredible competitors whose moves keep us on the edge of our seats, too. Each week, we’re pointing out the highs and lows of every mission, so you can watch every triumph, and every COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE, on a loop forever and ever. You win some, you lose some…

When a Challenger likens a competition to “trying to navigate a fat woman through a grocery mart,” you know you’re in for some good television. “Stumped” was the latest “Rivals II” game that brought out the best in some (as if Emily and Paula were capable of anything inferior to first place…) and left others stranded in the bamboo maze of death. Check out some of the highlights and lowlights of the latest “Challenge” below, in all their GIF glory!



Jordan and Marlon’s ability to make the human equivalent of threading a needle look like child’s play landed them the top spot. While many of their opponents got stuck between the rows of twisted bamboo, the determined rookies only had to make a few swift moves before finding a huge opening and shooting across the finish line like a couple of human cannonballs. Well done, guys!




Jasmine and Theresa are as tenacious as they come, but sadly, no compass or park ranger could have helped them escape this muddled forest. The girls weren’t even able to make it out of the maze before the time expired, and to add insult to injury, little Jazzy could barely extend her arms enough to keep up with Theresa’s moves. Short person discrimination!