Yaaaas, belle: todrick hall turns ‘beauty and the beast’ into a west hollywood adventure

If Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” thought provincial Frenchmen were a judgmental bunch, she’s in for quite a surprise when she steps foot into West Hollywood…

YouTube sensation Todrick Hall, who’s already reimagined the popular Disney princess as an ambassador to the hood, has just set Belle off onto a brand-new neon-wig-accented, erotic-magazine-peppered adventure in WeHo, and in “Beauty and the Beat Boots,” the bookworm becomes completely engrossed in the sights, sounds and YAAAASSes that are standard of the famously gay neighborhood.

In the clip above, which features celeb cameos from RuPaul, Lance Bass, Ross Mathews and Frankie Grande, Belle stops by the local bookshop (…er…specialty block party supply store) to pick up the latest issue of her favorite mag, Adelante. And though she’s perfectly content skimming through its pages as she skips about town, there’s simply no escaping the critical eye of the local drag queens, shirtless gym rats and Westboro Baptist protesters, who can’t help but gossip about her.

“What a crusty shade of blue/And that apron is just ew/But she really is a basic queen, Miss Belle,” Todrick and a friend croon.

Still, Belle is no less devoted to chasing after a grander story.

“There must be more than ’Yas, girl, get your life!’” she sings.

Ever considered how Belle would fit in along Los Angeles’ Pride parade route? Check out the clip, and be sure to catch the premiere of “Todrick” on August 31 at 10/9c!