Wiz khalifa’s adorable son steals the spotlight in new ‘zoney’ video

The first part of Wiz Khalifa’s new video for “Zoney” is exactly what you’d expect from him: footage of the rapper nonchalantly smoking a joint on a balcony, calmly chronicling his come-up. But toward the end of the vid, Wiz and Amber Rose’s three-year-old son Sebastian shows up, sporting some adorable pirate face paint and revealing Wiz’s softer side as a father.


Sebastian is credited as a featured artist on the Khalifa track, and he appears in the vid as his cute dialogue with Wiz plays. The cute tyke repeats some of Wiz’s favorite phrases, like “Pittsburgh,” “Taylor Gang,” and “what’s crackin,’” and even finds him imitating his dad’s signature cackle. Ultimately, it’s a refreshing change of pace from Wiz’s typically party-heavy vids, and lets us see a more intimate side of his life as a family man.