Wiz khalifa, neil patrick harris or darrelle revis: whose ‘punk’ had the most potential?

Mac Miller gave one hell of a performance on “Hip Hop POV,” but the MC was the first to admit his tenure as “Punk’d” guest host was a little shaky. Wiz Khalifa and Neil Patrick Harris both caught onto his pranking attempts, but the third time proved to be the charm–Darrelle Revis definitely got duped.

For awhile, Mac had Wiz Khalifa on edge. A friend who was driving Wiz around town stopped at an ATM for some cash when a staged robber emerged with some contraband from the…uhh…marijuana store?…next door. Coincidentally, Wiz was indulging in some of the product himself, and when police tore around the corner with lights flashing, he panicked and threw his cigarette out the window. Cops interrogated the rapper’s friend, who wound up right next to the fake robber in the parking lot, but when Wiz’s friend pretended not to know him–even though the two hadn’t done anything wrong–Wiz knew something was up, and Mac had no choice but to reveal himself and his camera crew. Onto the next one…


The great NPH and his husband, David, elected to spend a sunny Los Angeles day hiking along one of the city’s mountainous paths. Upon returning to the parking lot, though, they discovered an unwelcome visitor in their car–a giant, growling bear. Neil remained calm in spite of prank-accomplice David’s petrified demeanor, but soon, other park-dwellers started maligning the couple for leaving food in their car. Neil began to show signs of suspicion, and when a park ranger came along and resorted to dance gimmicks to try to lure the bear out of the car, Neil’s expression was all the notice the crew needed to know he’d figured things out. “Better luck next time!” he said to the camera when the scene had come to a close. Mac certainly hoped so.


With all of his eggs officially in one basket, Mac looked to NFL star Darrelle Revis as his last hope for pranking success. Well-known for his dislike of rabid fans, Revis was naturally set up with a superfan as his driver, and the guy was relentless throughout the ride. Along the way, Daryl–against Darrelle’s and Mac’s wishes–made a pit-stop so that he could collect a ball that the cornerback could sign. When he pulled off of the main street, though, his car plowed downward into a mud pit and Darrelle’s face stretched from annoyed to furious. To add insult to injury, a nearby homeowner joined the crowd to heckle Darrelle and his driver for getting stuck on his property, and when he threatened to post a video to Twitter, the cameras came out, and Mac finally had his moment in the sun.

Sure, Mac might have been 1/3, but you’ve gotta admit–the finale was pretty entertaining. So, between the pranks set up for Wiz Khalifa, Neil Patrick Harris and Darrelle Revis, which do you think had the most potential for greatness?