With great sincerity, we present: the cast of ‘faking it’

There are certain high school traditions we all begrudgingly observe: The football star and the head cheerleader become prom royalty, the chess club president eats his lunch on the toilet and EVERYONE — including the class valedictorian — fakes a cough on Senior Skip Day. But what if, by some miracle, the age-old labels, rituals and stereotypes died out, and the ninth-through-twelfth grade hierarchy was based on…GASP…personality or…SHUDDER…character? Welcome to Austin, Texas, where this psychotic notion has found a place in reality.

When MTV’s new scripted series, “Faking It,” premieres on Tuesday, April 22 at 10:30e/7:30p, longtime best friends Karma and Amy will find that a rumour circulating at their expense might actually help their social standing, where it would have once made them total pariahs. In a school where gay, literary types can be kings and blonde bombshells are relegated to the bottom of the barrel, the show will turn each teenage cliché on its head. Get to know the main players below, and keep up with the MTV Shows Blog for more!


Karma: Played by Katie Stevens, Karma is sick and tired of being an unremarkable, unnoticed member of her school’s student body. Unlike best pal Amy, she’s not content to fly under the radar, and when a mistaken rumour spreads that the two BFFs are a couple — and Karma finds it spikes her social standing — she’s willing to play along, but will it come at the expense of her only close friend?


Amy: The other pea in Karma’s pod, Amy, played by Rita Volk, would be more than happy spending any given weekend catching up on Netflix or just shooting the sh**. She’s initially resistant to the rumour that she and Karma are more than best friends, but when she sees how happy Karma is in the school’s social upper echelons, she bites the bullet and follows suit. But will Amy grow resentful of her new fake girlfriend?


Shane: The out-and-proud popular kid, played by Michael Willett, has known he’s gay since fourth grade, and when he suspects that Karma and Amy are repressing love for each other, he tries to help them come out by announcing their fake relationship to the world (or, at least, a party). He’s got the best intentions, but the girls are completely caught off guard by his forthrightness.


Liam: A hunky artist and best friend to Shane, Liam, played by Gregg Sulkin, can’t seem to commit to a single girl, but when he meets Karma at her and Amy’s infamous “coming out” party, he can’t help but fall for her. Sadly, he’s under the impression that she’s a lesbian, but will his effort to win her over stop there, or will he follow his heart and pursue her further?


Lauren: Lauren, played by Bailey Buntain, is as beautiful and bitchy as they come, but in Austin, that means she’s circling the social drain. She who’d be queen bee anywhere else resents Karma and Amy for their sudden popularity-surge, and is committed to doing whatever it takes to shoot them down.