‘wise up’: what we learned from tonight’s episode of ‘degrassi’

Clare (Ep.1402)

Relationships were all over the place on tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘. Team-Z (Zig and Zoe) decided to throw in the towel early, Drew and Becky were over before they even started and Triles had us worried their new found love was doomed! Luckily Triles made up just in time for a happy ending and even though he lost Becky in the process, Drew stepped up to accept the responsibility of being a father.

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Zoe had it pretty bad for Zig in the beginning:


And she made sure Zig had it bad for her too:


But Zoe got over her feelings pretty quick and left it to Zig to put it ALL out there in hopes of winning her heart but she responded with a clean and simple, ‘NO’:


You could image he wasn’t feeling too G-R-E-A-T in that moment: 


Meanwhile, Clare told Drew he was off the hook for any and all baby responsibilities:


But Dallas made it clear there was no such thing as being ‘off the hook’:


There won’t be a wedding, but there will be a baby and likely an agreed upon co-parenting plan:


As for Becky, she may need crutches to hold her up but she doesn’t appear to need Drew:


There was one sorta-happy ending but it came with a price…

With his father’s blessing, Tristan and Miles are official: 


Unfortunately, Mr. Hollingsworth’s stamp of approval didn’t come easy and things became violent fast. We always knew Miles shared a toxic relationship with his father but tonight’s episode revealed just how toxic it could be:


Miles and his father were able to come to an understanding in terms of convincing the public of their ‘happy’ father-son relationship but it’s only a matter of time before this ticking time-bomb explodes:


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