Will this stranger eat an entire box of crayons for 100 bucks?

If you’ve ever wondered how much humiliation a person will purposely suffer in order to win some cash, comedian extraordinaire Jeff Dye just proved the answer: A WHOLE FREAKIN’ LOT.

During the premiere of “Money From Strangers,” Jeff convinced one guy to remove his shoes in a comic book store and shout manic things to shoppers, and he talked a seemingly lovely girl into disrupting the decorum at a city cafe by trying to resell used coffee and tugging at a patron’s reading material. Even though many contestants walked away with big bucks, none retained any of their self-respect.

In this bonus scene from the show, Jeff challenges a guy on the street to swallow 10 crayons for 100 large (shouldn’t that be worth more?). The volunteer doesn’t bat an eye before digging into the variety pack, and plows forward even when a Blizzard Blue Crayola disrupts his digestive system and the retching begins.

Anyone know how much it costs to dry clean a shirt stained with wax-coated vomit? Let’s hope it’s less than a hunned.