Will this chick tattoo a stranger’s initials on her body for 80 bucks? [bonus scene]

Betcha didn’t expect to see a marriage proposal go down during tonight’s episode of “Money From Strangers,” didja?

When contestant Darlene was asked to leave a costume shop only two pranks–and $100–into her challenge, she did whatever she could to hang around longer and earn more moolah. The store’s big, burly security guard intervened and demanded she bounce, but money-hungry Darlene wasn’t going to comply. What’s that you say, Jeff? You’ll give me $50 if I ask the guard to marry me? Darlene dropped to her knee and gave it one last hurrah before being physically deported from the place of business. She may not have found her husband, but she made 400 smackaroos!

Even though Darlene’s self-respect was totally shot after the episode, she’ll probably recover fairly quickly from it all, which we can’t say about all of Jeff Dye’s street-plucked contestants. In the bonus scene below, Dye challenges a tattooed pedestrian to get one more meaningful mark on her body–his initials, to be specific. If she successfully inks “JD” on her skin, she’ll walk away with 80 bucks. (Shouldn’t he really up the offer on this one?)