Will madison’s ‘real world’ secret bring her closer to tony or drive him away?

Finding common ground is crucial to any successful relationship, but a budding romance on “Real World: Skeletons” might be tied together with too dark a connective thread.

On tonight’s episode, after hinting that she had an especially painful past, Madison finally opened up to Violetta, Nicole and Sylvia about her history with drugs. “H-Town,” she called it, was a staple of her particularly toxic relationship that nearly took her life on a number of occasions. The girls instantly threw their support behind the bubbly blonde they’d originally written off, but Madison feared her crush Tony might not be understanding. Still, she insisted that if she and Tony had any shot at a future, she had to put her cards on the table.

Finally, while smoking cigarettes on the balcony, Madison came clean to Tony, and chronicled her years-long downward spiral. “I am scarred for life from it,” she admitted, noting she’d overdosed on more than one occasion. “I just feel grateful to be alive.” Seemingly to Madison’s surprise, Tony seemed to show support and divulged to Madison that his late father was an addict — and that he could completely empathize with her plight. The sentiment registered as encouraging, but there was no mistaking the pain in Tony’s eyes as he recalled his own past, and we were left to wonder if he was ready to thrust his old fears and resentments back into the light.

What do you think — will Tony’s talk with Madison bring the housemates closer together and will they bond over their shared experiences? Or are the memories of Tony’s father’s drug use too painful to drum up, and will Madison’s past as a user ensure Tony keeps her at an arm’s length?