Will ‘carter’ return home after her wrongful jailing?

Just a short time ago, Carter Stevens left everything she knew and loved in favor of starting a new life with her biological family, the Wilsons. But on last night’s “Finding Carter” episode, we got reason to believe she might have reconsidered the choice, and that maybe she’s gone for good.

After discovering that her father David faked organizing a meeting between Carter and Lori, Carter began to have second thoughts about the man she’d previously trusted. Her doubts were compounded when she realized David had finished writing “Finding Carter” long before she gave him her stamp of approval. But that was just the beginning of Carter’s troubles: When Bird’s mother returned home for the first time in months, she noticed some of her jewels missing and demanded an explanation. Rather than admit the truth, Bird, who had given a bracelet to Carter and a necklace to Ofe, threw Carter under the bus by claiming Carter had stolen the relics. Within seconds, Carter was arrested for larceny.



While behind bars, Carter, who’d become incredibly close to Elizabeth, expected her biological mother to come to her defense, but Elizabeth had her doubts. And though the teen was struggling, Elizabeth could only think to ask incriminating questions about Crash, whom she was sure had something to do with the missing jewels. Frustrated, Carter considered that maybe she’d just be better off incarcerated.

Finally, Bird fessed up to her mother and admitted to Elizabeth and David that it was she who had taken her own mother’s jewels. But when Elizabeth raced to the precinct to pick up her daughter, Carter was already gone. Crash had already posted bail, and he and Carter had disappeared into the night in his pickup truck.

Now that Carter has gotten two very clear indications that her parents still don’t trust her, will she go back on her choice to stay in the Wilson household and flee, or is she just blowing off steam and will eventually return?