Why the ‘awkward. ’ gang should seriously consider public transportation

Dead Stacy‘s tragic drunk driving story may have become a cautionary tale for Palos Hills High School students, but getting behind the wheel is still an issue for JennaMatty and their “Awkward” pals. Every time one of the gang fires up his or her engine, disaster seems to follow in the form of breakups, drug busts, shattered glass and more.

But there’s still hope for the age 16-and-up crowd to safely get from Point A to Point B, because as Sadie Saxton proved earlier this season, public transportation is a reliable alternative to the hassle of hatchbacks, sedans and 4x4s. And hopping on a bus, subway or commuter rail is full of pluses: Mass transit is efficient, greener, cheaper and bound to be full of interesting loons!

Below are six reasons the PHHS friends should get their hands on some monthly transit passes. All aboard!

RIP Dead Stacy. The annual Palos Hills High School skit performed in her honor is a reminder of just how dangerous other motorists can be: Dead Stacy was just an innocent, sober prom-goer when a friend’s drunk driving ended her life. Jenna and Tamara‘s interpretation of the story may have taken a few too many liberties (who knew make-outs could bring people back to life?), but still…

Hotboxing is a friend to no one. Smoking inside a car with the windows rolled up is often a choice activity for burnouts, and during Jenna’s downward spiral, she and Collin routinely made the inside of their whips look like a scene from “Pineapple Express.” But nobody (in their right mind) is going to be tempted to toke up aboard a light rail!

Cars are conducive to breakups. When Jake felt that he and Tamara had run their course as a couple, he invited her into his convertible and proceeded to break her heart. Think he would have been inclined to do the same with fellow rush-hour commuters looking on? Hardly!

Food trucks make scenes. When Sadie finally decided to apologize to her BFF Lissa for being distant, she decided it had to happen in the here and now. Unfortunately, she was working a shift on a nearby food truck at the time — and sped onto campus while still on the clock. If she’d had the time to compose herself while waiting for her stop on the local bus route, she wouldn’t have been so flustered — and she wouldn’t have become Palos Hills High School legend for all the wrong reasons.

Cars can crash when you least expect it. To blow off some steam after a rough few days, Matty decided to “ghost ride” his parents’ wheels in front his pals. But when the truck picked up too much speed, it couldn’t be stopped and careened down a hill. Rest assured, all modes of public transit involve more responsible operators.

Red roadsters are magnets for trouble. As Matty, Jake and Eva shared a few bottles of beer in Jake’s ride before an Echosmith concert, police pulled up to the parked car. In a flash, an officer spotted the empties in Jake’s backseat and proceeded to take him and Matty into custody. And who needs that?