Why sergio could be sadie’s match made in ‘awkward’ heaven

Opposites attract, but as Sadie and Austin proved last season on “Awkward,” they don’t necessarily make for lasting love.

Though Austin was meek, deferential and bit clumsy, he proved to be exactly what Sadie needed…at least for a while. But when he couldn’t get over the fact that Sadie had kissed Matty — even though she insisted it meant nothing — he jumped ship and proved he wasn’t necessarily one to weather the storm. Alone again, Sadie reverted back to her old bitchy habits, and though most ran for cover, one guy stood his ground and slowly chipped away at her guarded heart.

Sergio, one of Sadie’s co-workers on the food truck, has gone step for step with Sadie in a way no one else has, and though she refused to admit to Lissa that she was gaga for the guy on last week’s episode, her flirty laughs and begrudging grins definitely speak to the contrary. Could Sergio be her unlikely darling in disguise?

He might not be Sadie’s clear companion, but here’s why that might mean Sergio is actually her perfect match:

He isn’t terrified of her.
It goes without saying that one party in a relationship shouldn’t cower at fear at the sight of the other, but the fact that Sergio doesn’t allow Sadie to plow him over is remarkable. Most deserve a medal of bravery just for speaking with her, but Sergio seems to enjoy it.

He’s in her corner.
When Sadie needed Sergio’s help to out Eva as a compulsive liar, he was immediately on board. Sadie had been a monster to him during tense shifts on the truck, but it didn’t matter to Sergio, who proved he’s ready to stand by her through thick and thin.

He’s responsible (and knows how to cook).
Firing up Wiener Schnitzel on a food truck might not seem impressive, but think again: Sergio’s profession is proof he can whip up something mighty tasty for Sadie, and it shows he’s also got a solid work ethic and ambition — two things she would need from a potential partner. The HBIC and senior class’ number-three pupil won’t settle for anything less than a fellow go-getter.

He’s got a way with words.
Sergio’s already got a pet name for Sadie (Sadita, in case you’ve forgotten), and there’s a whole lot of lovey-dovey jargon too (though some of it’s a liiiiittle risque). Plus, when Sadie unleashes her razor tongue, Sergio has no qualms with fighting fire with fire in what strangely seems like foreplay.

He brings out her sweeter side (kind of).
OK, so Sadie’s not writing love letters and baking cakes that spell out Sergio in icing, but we’ve never seen her smile as widely as when she gets one of Sergio’s texts. Hell might not have frozen over, but the thermometer has certainly dropped a few degrees.