Why mtv floribama shore’s aimee needs to love herself as much as we love her

The self-love struggle is real for many of us, but it seems to come especially hard for MTV Floribama Shore fan favorite Aimee.

The Alabama native certainly doesn’t need any help criticizing herself, so when she overheard Codi and Kirk cruelly dogging her appearance, the damage was done.

“That cut really deep for me,” she confessed during this week’s episode. “I’ll finally start feeling a little bit better about myself, and they just knock me right back down.”

Couple that with her verbally abusive ex who not only cheated on her, but ridiculed her teeth and her weight, and you’ve got a recipe for one sad princess-goddess-mermaid.

“I have a super-low self-esteem. I look at all the other girls in the house, and they’re so skinny. They have perfect white teeth, and I’m not like that. I wish I could love myself, but I don’t know how,” the lovable blonde said, as our hearts broke into a million pieces.

Luckily, Nilsa pulled out the Pretty Woman treatment (minus that whole hooker thing) to make her bestie feel special in the form of an “Aimee Appreciation Day,” which included a manicure, fancy new clothes, a croissant corsage and a nice dinner (baloney pasta, anyone?). Because we want in on the Aimee appreciation action too, we’ve come up with a few reasons why we adore her:

She stands her ground

Following her heart-to-heart with Nilsa, Aimee went straight to the source, Kirk and Codi. She told the boys point-blank why she was hurt, which resulted in a sincere apology from both parties. Our girl doesn’t take sh*t from anyone — she also called Jeremiah out for bossing her about cleaning the house.

She makes us LOL

Who else can get way with referring to herself as a PRINCESS-GODDESS-MERMAID? Seriously. It never gets old.

She’s the house peacemaker

After that grilled chicken debacle, the house found themselves divided, boys against girls. Aimee took it upon herself to bring out the calming Jesus candles and make her famous taco soup. No matter that it acted as a laxative — everyone was actually getting along for five whole minutes!

She’s the realest

The resident Floribama blonde isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. For instance, she hates work. Like, hates it. “I’m bitin’ my tongue until I can become a trophy wife, because that is my dream job,” she said.

She’s the best friend you never had

A true friend leaves the room so you can get your hunch on (*cough* Nilsa and Josh).

She’s getting the last laugh

When it comes to the s**t storm of life, Aimee’s been through the ringer. Her longterm boyfriend not only cheated on her, he cheated on her with her cousin and got the girl pregnant. And now the princess-goddess-mermaid is on TV to tell everyone all about it.

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