Why jessica of ‘are you the one? ’ would make a kickass ‘challenge’ competitor


Jessica does a happy dance after being declared the first “AYTO” challenge’s winner.

Jessica may be looking for her perfect match on “Are You the One?,” but it’s been clear from the start of the game that she does NOT need a prince in shining armor. Since the very first Getaway Challenge, Jessica’s proven time and time again that she’s a tough one to beat — she earned three consecutive first-place finishes out of the gate, and has singlehandedly won more dates than some of the other cast members combined. If true love doesn’t pan out, maybe she should consider auditioning for MTV’s “Challenge” competition?

Between mental games, physical tests and thoughtful strategic conversations, Jessica has made it abundantly clear that she’s in it to win it, and will stop at nothing to get herself and her housemates to victory. And from the way she paddled Ethan to the shore, worked through the exes-themed puzzle and downed disgusting shaved ice (the only mission through which she’s struggled), we could definitely see her up there with EmilyLaurel and Evelyn as a threat among the “Challenge” greats.

Take a look at some GIFs that prove Jessica’s “Challenge” potential, and tune in to “Are You the One?” on Tuesday nights at 11e/8p to see if she keeps racking up the Ws!


Jessica paddles Ethan to her second consecutive first-place finish.


The ladies sat out Challenge #3, but you better believe Jessica got ANOTHER blue ribbon on the fourth.


Gross food turned out to be Jess’ Achilles’ Heel , but she still put up a good fight.


You don’t mess with this Truth Booth-deliberation face.