Who’s the bigger are you the one? Hothead – john or gio?

Tonight’s Are You The One? episode left us reeling — DID THAT ALL REALLY HAPPEN? And seriously, can’t we all just get along? (We’re lookin’ at you, Jyler and Stevanni.) First we saw John and Tyler going head-to-head over Kaylen, and not even 24 hours later, Gio was going ballistic on Stephen over Julia. Let us recap the insanity:

When John found himself bouncing from Emma to Nicole to Kaylen, Tyler didn’t hesitate to step in. “You say you’re a match with Emma — just stick with that and leave my match alone,” Tyler said, referring to his new-found relationship with Kaylen. He then threw the ultimate insult John’s way: Likening him to rotten, stank garbage. If we’ve learned one thing this season, it’s that John doesn’t take lightly to being pushed around. “Call me trash, and I’m gonna show you trash, and I’m gonna trash your ass,” he retorted, shortly before shoving a trash-talking Tyler to the ground. (While we don’t want anyone to get hurt, it’s always so juicy when producers have to step in! We secretly live for that ish.)

Ever the voice of reason, Kaylen told Tyler post-fight, “I do know two wrongs don’t make a right, and you both were egging each other on.” Amen, sister. Champagne, Nobu and shoving matches absolutely do notmix.

Later, during the match-up ceremony, Gio fired off at the mouth again when Emma selected the North-eastern native as her perfect match. If it’s not the one and only Julia, Gio’s not having it. This is coming from the same guy who told everyone to “respect the true f*cking alpha.” We’re sorry Gio, but who do you think you are — Scott McCall? Gio and Stephen then exchanged words (and droplets of spittle) over Miss J.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more heated, an angry Gio shoved Stephen into the set, prompting Ryan to literally SHUT IT DOWN.

Sheesh. Both Gio and John are walking temper tantrums, and it’s tough to say who’s more explosive. After all, both are prone to shouting, curse words and violence practically at the drop of a hat. Give us your verdict, love one another, and catch an all-new episode next Monday at 10/7p.