Who’s the better ‘are you the one? ’ match for ashley: dario or layton?

With only a few chances remaining to go 10/10 and secure their perfect matches, the “Are You the One?” house is inching closer to finding who science deems is their most compatible partner. But one lovely lady — Ashley — is still feeling conflicted about her connections with Dario and Layton, and tension between the trio hit an all-time high on last week’s episode.


Before the two hunks exchanged some feisty words at the Match-Up ceremony — the Southerner called the Boston native a “little boy,” while D retaliated and called L a “sleazy car salesman” — the Texas beauty wrestled between the guys all week long. Between an undeniably passionate kiss with Dario at a toga party and teaming up with Layton during the (rather disgusting) “Getting Dumped” challenge, Ashley was monumentally confused — and her uncertain feelings culminated at the formal evening. While her gut was telling her Dario, logic was saying her one and only was Layton.


“It’s going to have to be [with my] heart,” Ashley told Ryan Devlin after she was asked how she’d choose the right man for her. “And that’s, like, my biggest fear…to have a broken heart.” We feel you honey, it’s the P-I-T-S.

Ashley ultimately sat next to Dario, and the crew went on to get five beams — including lights for perfect matches Paris/Pratt, Shelby/Curtis and John/Jenni. Was one of those beams for Ashley/Dario, and more importantly, who’s the better match for the bubbly brunette? The gentlemen have made their cases: Layton believes he and Ashley belong together because they have similar family values, while Dario claims he hasn’t made a connection with any of the other gals because he’s found his girl.

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