Who is this ninja holding the ‘are you the one? ’ cast captive?

You could cut the tension in the “Are You The One?” house with a knife, but it appears that someone’s opted for a samurai sword instead. On the next episode, the contestants will continue to consider which four couples they’ve correctly identified — and which six they’ve still got to nail down — but in between intense strategic discussions they’ll be seized by a verifiable ninja warrior. (That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!)

“I’m kind of worried,” Amber says to the camera in the video below as a masked warrior sidles and high-kicks all around the kitchen and pool area. “Everywhere we look, we’re like, ‘What the f***?’ We have to be careful.” Amber seems to feel safe in her small, secluded room, but as soon as she lets her guard down, she realizes the ninja’s been hiding behind her, and when the two lock eyes, the fighter goes in for the kill. Uhhh, can we get a medic on the case, Ryan Devlin?

Check out the clip, and tune in to “Are You The One?” Tuesday night at 11e/8p!