Who is nev schulman’s favourite tv detective of all time?

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph won’t stop until any Catfish task at hand is completed. Cracking the case takes a lot of skill and patience, as evidenced by the many small-screen investigators who have come before them. But if Nev had to pick a favorite super sleuth (or two), who would he choose?

“Columbo, for sure,” Nev stated with a laugh about Peter Falk’s alter ego (from the series bearing the same name) during an interview with MTV News. Then he mentioned a TV icon who may not be a detective but still made an impression on him.

“We joke about this a lot, but Larry David [on Curb Your Enthusiasm] is a favorite,” Nev continued. “I love the way — when he wants to get the truth out of someone — he sort of glares into their eyes and hocks his head. So I recently employed that technique unsuccessfully, but I think that’s because I didn’t have the music playing in the background.”

Besides Nev and Max, who are your favorite fictional or real-life detectives? Share your picks in the comments, then don’t miss the duo when new episodes of Catfish return tomorrow at 9e/6p.