Who is john’s ‘are you the one? ’ perfect match: emma or julia?

Love triangles are all the rage on Are You The One?, and tonight’s Season 3 premiere did not disappoint.

While Tori was twerking for Prosper during a game of table tennis (RIP the short-lived Trosper), Tyler was macking on Nicole and Francesca — the night before his getaway date with Alyssa, no less.

Meanwhile, John was battling his conflicting feelings for Julia and Emma. The 23-year-old first excitedly bonded with the Southern belle over their mutual Louisiana upbringing (Piggly Wiggly! Boudin!), but he quickly fell into the understanding arms of Emma. The two discussed life goals and cookie metaphors, and John was soon confessing that Emma had a leg up on Julia in the girlfriend department. But minutes later, the Nebraskan was calling Julia “wifey material.” Mixed messages, much?

 While Emma was clearly into John, Julia was tooting a different horn. “He’s the loudest person in the room, and I never go for the loudest person in the room,” she admitted. When John approached the Louisiana native about his feelings, she essentially blew him off, saying, “But you have to get to know everyone.”

After finally telling Julia Emma what his heart wants (cue Selena Gomez) and calling her by the wrong name, she backed off. Just kidding! Emma actually stuck by her feelings, choosing John as her perfect match during the match-up ceremony, where he cruelly stated, “I told you straight up I wanted Julia.” When Julia called Emma pathetic for playing second fiddle, our hearts broke for the beautiful Colorado native.


The 20 love hopefuls did wind up with three matches, so Jemma could be a perfect pair, despite their rocky start…. right?

Time will tell. Be sure to keep watching the gang in paradise next Monday at 10/7p!