Who is christina’s perfect ‘are you the one? ’ match?

11th girl Christina has certainly made her presence known on this season of “Are You the One?“: Her addition has caused the other gals to worry that if they’re the double match with her (and that mysterious guy), they’ll leave the house empty-handed. Meanwhile, she’s caught the boys’ attention in a different way: A bunch of them have been happily flocking to her side, led by one love-struck guy in particular (hint: His name starts with B and ends with randon).

But it wasn’t meant to be for Christina and the hunky Las Vegas native: The overalls-loving blond officially discovered she wasn’t a perfect match with Brandon and soon felt a whole lot of heartbreak — plus some confusion about who science deems is her most compatible companion.

Identifying Christina’s one and only would certainly help the gang inch closer to the $1 million goal — even if it meant one unlucky lady would go home with nothing. So, of the remaining guys, who do you think is the double match with her? Let’s break it down:



The self-proclaimed hippie started gravitating toward the tatted-up sensitive guy after she found out that John wasn’t meant for her. Despite Nathan’s jealousy that Christina is hooking up with Brandon, the two certainly got close at this week’s White Party.



The jokester chose Christina over Ellie at the second Match-Up ceremony — and the gang did get two beams of light, including one for perfect match Paris and Pratt. And while Alex and Jasmine played some tonsil hockey at the beachside bash, it doesn’t mean Chrilex is out of the question.



The frat boy had been spending QT with three confirmed non-matches — Jenni, Jess and Ellie — and hasn’t really built a connection with Christina. But they do share one particular trait: very flirty behavior.



The fiery Southerner may be convinced that nice girl Ashley is his “one,” but could it also be the blond beauty? We haven’t seen them interact much, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.



We have to admit: We’re a bit confused about G’s potential ladylove. He’s had some candid convos with Jess, but he’s also hooking up with Tyler (and she ain’t his match). But perhaps the answer is right in front of his face — in the form of bubbly Christina.



The smooth talker’s been trying to woo Ashley, but maybe he should switch gears and try to also build an emotional bond with C.
But we do know for sure it isn’t this guy…

Sorry, B!

Who do you think is Christina’s perfect match? Share your theories, and be sure to catch a new episode of “Are You the One?” on Monday at 10e/7p!