Who could resist zig’s charm? Zoe apparently.

Zig (Ep.1402)

We’ve been waiting since the beginning of time (Zoe’s first Degrassi dance) for something to happen between Zoe and Zig and during the trial it finally did. Zig saved Zoe from stumbling down a very dark path during the trial and his kindness ended up sparking a romance between the pair. With the go-ahead from Maya, Zig and Zoe were free to heat things up and they certainly didn’t waste any time:


Unfortunately Zig cared about Zoe more than she wanted him to. When Zoe sent Zig a nude pic he didn’t react the way she had hoped. His first reaction was pure joy (he’s a teenage boy, it’s to be expected) but his second reaction was guilt. Zig was worried that Zoe felt pressure to send nude pics and after everything she went through with Luke Baker that was the last thing he wanted—but Zoe wasn’t impressed one bit.


When Zig tried to apologize (in the best way ever!!!) Zoe shot him down with a sharp and cold ‘NO’!


Zoe made it clear—she is done with boys and that includes Zig. Tell us in the comments; do you think Zoe was being too hard on Zig? Would you be able to resist his apology?


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