Whitney port has a secret: she was in love while filming ‘the city’


After breaking up with musician Jay Lyon in 2009, Whitney Port set her sights squarely on her career through the duration of “The City” filming. Or, so we thought…

Port, who’s engaged to former “City” producer Tim Rosenman, fielded a slew of fan questions during a Facebook Q&A yesterday, and when one follower asked about when she first fell in love with her fiancé, she candidly remarked that it was from the moment she met him…which, for reference, was a loooooong time before they started dating.

“I alwayyyyyys loved Timmy, from the moment I met him,” she emphatically wrote. “But we didn’t get together until after the show!”

For reference, “The City” aired until 2010, and Port and Rosenman didn’t start dating until 2012, which means Port suffered through LITERALLY YEARS of unspoken love. Such a romantic, Whit! This is truly what Dido songs are made of…

Oh, and once the two are finally husband and wife, what might be the first request sent the DJ’s way at the reception?

“My fave song is always changing, but all-time fave could be Des’ree ‘You Gotta Be’,” she noted. Call us Vince Vaughn, because we might just have to crash this wedding.

Surprised to hear about Whit’s secret feelings?