Which ‘teen wolf’ would jr bourne rather see allison dating: scott or isaac?

It wasn’t too long ago that Chris Argent shoved his trusty glock into Scott McCall‘s face after catching the werewolf canoodling with his daughter, so you might be surprised to hear that the actor behind the fictional hunter now endorses the teenagers’ relationship! While answering fan questions in the “Teen Wolf After After Show” clip below, JR Bourne admits he prefers Scott over Isaac for Allison, though when it comes to a different type of contest, Daniel Sharman, who plays Isaac, wins hands-down.

After host Morgan Evans has a chat with crazy-talented “Teen Wolf” superfan Silje, who makes show-related crafts, he gets the skinny from JR, who says Daniel — without a single doubt — is likeliest among the cast to be ARRESTED. “Trust me, it will be Daniel,” he assures the camera directly. And though the actor is remarkably composed throughout the interview and in most of his “Teen Wolf” scenes, he recalls that the “Code Breaker” episode — in which The Alpha leaves a wake of destruction outside the Hale House — as being awkward for him to shoot. “I’m not 22…at all,” he says. “I’m watching Posey and all the other kids flip and spin…and I just couldn’t move like that.”

Watch the entire Twitter Q&A, which includes which movie star JR thinks could have also successfully played Chris Argent, and stay tuned for the next new “Teen Wolf” episode Monday night at 10e/7p!