Which ‘rivals’ have a shot at reconciliation?

These days, you can’t take a quick pass through “Challenge” competitors’ Twitter accounts without catching a well-wish from Cara Maria to Laurel, or a jokey shout-out to Johnny from his “Real World: Key West” housemate, Tyler, but if you’ll recall, these people used to HATE. EACH. OTHER. Don’t believe us? Watch any episode of “Cutthroat” and tell us Laurel wouldn’t have preferred a garden hose to CM as a teammate. So how did these former foes mend fences? Brick by “Rivals” brick.

Two years ago, the game that forced nemeses to work together miraculously made buddies out of mortal enemies (Kenny and Wes still serve as the exception), and we’re wondering if the same science will apply to the competition’s sequel. Judging by the cloud of animus in the pre-season interviews, it’s a little unlikely, but occasionally Hell does suffer a cold spell.

When it comes to who might emerge from “Rivals II” as friends — or at least on decent terms — we’ve placed our bets on five teams. Take a quick look, and tell us who you think has the best chance at a less contentious future.

Anastasia (AA) & Jessica (JE)

Anastasia and Jessica: Watching Anastasia tear Jessica down without mercy was one of the most uncomfortable moments “Real World: Portland” offered up, but when Hurricane Nia officially touched down and things got really crazy, they found common ground in their usually peaceful resolutions. In a house with as many self-described nutcases as the “Rivals II” mansion has, they might have the same luck.

Sarah (SR) & Trishelle (TC)

Sarah and Trishelle: First of all, the idea that level-headed Sarah has wound up on “Rivals” twice is nearly inconceivable, but there’s no way she won’t try to resolve things with Trishelle from the get-go. The girls got into some pretty heated “Battle Of The Seasons” conversations when Trishelle accused Sarah of trying to seduce Alton to help out Team BK, but now that Trishelle can potentially benefit from Sarah’s so-called dirty gaming, these gals should be golden!

Chris (CT) & Wes (WB)

CT and Wes: The marathon “Rivals” fight between these two is the stuff of “Challenge” legend, but when we think about the many arguments that have erupted between them, they’ve always been fought from the perspective of two essential strangers. From “The Duel” to present day, CT and Wes have never been on the same team or really gotten to know each other, so with the opportunity to start fresh, this powerhouse team could do some damage and repair their relationship in the process.

Jonna (JM) & Nany (NG)

Jonna and Nany: These two gals were the best of friends before “Battle Of The Seasons” (and Zach) tore them apart, and ever since, Nany hasn’t trusted Jonna as far as she can throw her. But when Jonna is forced to direct her attention strictly to Nany, we have a feeling she’ll remember why they were once so close. Plus, Jonna hasn’t been shy about sharing her need for prize money, so peace for the game’s sake is probably in both their best interests.

Frank (FS) & Johnny (JD)

Frank and Johnny:

They may be Twitter enemies, but it’s still odd to see two people who’ve never met in person paired up for a “Rivals” competition. For all we know, Frank and Johnny’s first face-to-face contact could go so well that “Catfish” everywhere will draw inspiration.Social media back-and-forths aren’t always indicative of real-life relationships, and since Frank and Johnny are both loud, unapologetic and proven winners, we could have the next odd couple on our hands!