Which mtv star won 2013?


Generally speaking, 2013 was a pretty good year for MTV stars, but some of our talent really hit the jackpot. Between engagements, career-boosting gigsand a Christmastime pregnancy announcement, the people listed below may have actually had their best year EVER. Before the clock strikes 12 tonight, check out seven of our network’s finest who’ve set the bar high for 2014, and vote for who you think officially won 2013!


Lauren and William share the look of love on Valentine’s Day.

Lauren Conrad

2014 will mark TEN YEARS since LC first popped up on “Laguna Beach,” and she’s really celebrating the decade-long anniversary in style. This year, the fashion and dating guru got engaged to longtime boyfriend William Tell, and though she’s no stranger to love, she has never looked so happy. Bravo, Lauren!


JWOWW and Roger’s little munchkin.

Jenni Farley

“Snooki & JWOWW” fans watched with delight as Jenni and her fiancé, Roger,became serious about parenthood during Season 3, and now, the couple who found love in Seaside Heights has officially signed on for diaper duty. Yup, Jenni — sex’s greatest opponent — has a bun in the oven, which means there’s a 50 percent chance that little Lorenzo will be meeting his future wife come July.


Chris and Carly take a romantic stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Chris Distefano and Carly Aquilino

The cross-”Code” lovebirds aren’t your typical couple by any means — their excitement over a negative pregnancy test rivaled that of Super Bowl stadium cheers — but they proved not all comedians are cynics when they moved in together and began a storybook romance. Plus, they’re both separately winning at their careers, with Carly’s “Girl Code Presents: New Year’s Code” hosting gig, Chris’ “Guy Court” grandstanding (and pre-show couch workouts!) and multiple combined guest appearances on MTV2′s “Ain’t That America.”

Dylan O’Brien

The “Teen Wolf” star has got the role of Stiles down, but his acting chops extend far beyond Beacon Hills. In 2013, Dylan landed roles in Fox’s “New Girl” as the titular character’s former love interest, as well as the HUGE movie adaptation of “Maze Runner,” which will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day. Slow down, dude! Let’s make this a fair fight.


The future Mr. and Mrs. Walnuts.

Paula “Walnuts” Meronek

Teamwork makes the dream work, unless, of course, you’re Paula Meronek, who demonstrated — with a second “Rivals” win — that competing alongside your enemy can be a great way to earn a boatload of cash. Oh, and if a giant championship check wasn’t enough good fortune, Walnuts also got engaged to boyfriend Jack Beckert over the holidays. NO NEW RIVALS AT THE RECEPTION!


K-Cav and her little guy stroll around in search of pumpkins.

Kristin Cavallari

The “Hills” standout has never shied away from her teenage reputation as a maneater, but these days, she’s just happy to be at home with her husband, football pro Jay Cutler, and her little guy, Camden, who will soon have a sibling! The widening of the Cutvallari household is heartening proof that any mean girl can evolve into a sweet-as-sugar matriarch.


Spencer and Heidi walk around Spence’s now-alma mater.

Spencer Pratt

If you thought your final semester of college lasted for an eternity, just consider that it took Spencer Pratt literally a decade to earn his Bachelor of Arts. The “Hills” villain took fire on the show for being aimless, but anyone who has the tenacity to last 10 years in higher education gets our respect. In addition, he and the wifey adequately redeemed themselves for years of evil plotting during an E! follow-up special, even drawing some sympathy from old “Hills” viewers. Ya sure we can’t get you to rethink making some Baby Speidis, Spence?

Photos: Courtesy of laurenconrad.com, Jenni Farley, chrisdcomedypaulawalnuts77, Splash News