Which ‘free agent’ has got the sexy selfie down pat?

Free Agents” competitors Laurel, Jordan and Devyn know how to strap on their game faces, but can they also master the art of the seductive pout? After the trio fearlessly played Truth or Dare in our “Free-For-All” after show, we challenged them to see who can produce the sexiest selfie, and in this bonus clip, they take three very different approaches to get things good and steamy.

First up is Devyn, who brushes back her hair in preparation, projects a striking smize and hits click. “This is what Devyn looks like when she wakes up,” Jordan assesses as he watches Dev make love to the lens. Think the snap is worthy of first place?



Next, Laurel, who seems a little uncomfortable with the concept of a provocative shot, flips the script on the game, and delivers a lemon-face that would have McDonald’s Grimace character crying out in envy. “Is that the face that gets Jordan every time?” Devyn jokes. Does Laurel get some credit for her funny take on the game?



Finally, Jordan, who’s afraid he’ll be upstaged by the ladies’ beauty, decides to work with what he’s got, and rips off his shirt to try to gain a competitive edge. “You look like an action superhero!” Devyn says as she checks out the product of Jordan’s efforts. Will his boldness earn your vote?



Let us know which Challenger’s sizzling selfie reigns supreme!