Which ‘awkward’ exes make better friends with benefits: jatty or jakara?

Let’s face it: As an “Awkward” couple, Jake and Tamara were an absolute bust, but did they prove on tonight’s episode that they had potential to be something else?

In the midst of a disastrous Palos Hills Valentine’s Day Dance, which was more or less ruined by T and Jenna’s Dude Database debacle, Tamara found herself newly intrigued by Jake, who admitted he’d been hooking up with an older lady friend. Tamara — who’d never managed to get to O-Town while she was Jake’s girlfriend — challenged him to prove he’d become more sexually experienced and, when he agreed, was wowed by the results. Plus, the act totally broke the ice that had manifested between Jake and T since they broke up. Could a friends with benefits arrangement work for the pair?

Two people who have already given the FWB route a try are Jenna and Matty, who spent a bunch of their senior year’s first semester serving as each other’s flings. The understanding worked for awhile — and helped Matty get his mind off of his family troubles — but operating under strict no-strings-attached rules sometimes left Jenna feeling burned.

So, between Jatty, who have already pioneered an FWB path, and Jakara, who have just begun to set sail on a non-exclusive expedition, which couple do you see having more friends with benefits potential?