Which ‘are you the one? ’ match has the best shot at everlasting love?

For a moment, when Layton chose Christina as his prospective perfect match on the “Are You the One?” season finale, it looked like the show’s 21 daters might have been destined for rags over riches. As the game’s 11th girl, Christina posed a risk, and her inclusion in the final Match-Up seemed like an unnecessary gamble. But, thankfully, Layton’s daring ways paid off, and after a reveal that left us sweating, the group completed the game $1 million richer.

Still, “Are You the One?” was designed to offer two potential payoffs — so did the love hopefuls find full hearts to accompany their fat wallets?

Some duos, like Pratt and Paris, haven’t been able to take their eyes off of each other since meeting, while the Alex and Jasmine types have only recently fallen for each other. And though pairs like Brandon and Briana seem like longshots as lovers, both have recognized that they share some remarkably similar qualities, and there’s no telling what can happen once the group up and leaves Puerto Rico and returns to life as usual.

Look back at all the confirmed perfect matches, tell us which you think has a shot at real love and be sure to see how each couple’s story has evolved since the show on the “Are You the One?” Season 2 reunion special, airing Monday night at 10e/7p!

Alex and Jasmine


Curtis and Shelby


Briana and Brandon


Alex and Anthony


John and Jenni


Jess and Garland


Layton and Tyler


Layton and Christina


Ellie and Nate


Paris and Pratt


Ashley and Dario

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