Which amateur chef has the chops to bring down the ‘house’?

What do ya get when you plop a group of untrained cooks — who have never met, mind you — inside a house to contend with some of L.A.’s finest chefs? Enough food fights and bad tortellini to make your kid brother’s school cafeteria resemble a five-star restaurant, that’s what.

As we saw on last night’s “House of Food” premiere, these wannabe culinary masters are more than willing to put in the sweat (even into the sauce!) and tears if the end result is snagging their dream apprenticeship — as long they don’t strangle each other, first. But, judging from last night’s two cooking challenges, who do you think actually has the chops to win the competition? Here, get to know the chef hopefuls a bit better through their cast bios:

Amanda: The firecracker from Pittsburgh got ripped a new one after presenting the three chefs-slash-judges with “Barbie cakes” a.k.a. glorified meat muffins. If the self-proclaimed rock star was looking to represent a hot mess on a plate, then she succeeded. Amanda later redeemed herself during the tortellini challenge but left Chef Brendan questioning her dedication to the kitchen.

Brian: While his parents wanted him to pursue a career in the medical profession, Brian followed his dreams into the kitchen where he hones his habit of over-marinating and garnishing in excess. Less is more, Brian!

Gillian: The sweetheart with a sweet tooth, Gillian specializes in both pastries and pissing Suki off (and not so much pasta).

Jake: There’s no place like home…or Jake’s burritos! The Kansan impressed the judges with his deliciousness-wrapped-in-a-flour-tortilla, but he still has a long way to go when it comes to Italian cuisine — like learning not to season his pasta with sweat drippings.

Lorena: Though the passionate, outspoken Latina wowed the chefs with her tortellini, she nearly gave them salmonella by serving up slabs of partially raw chicken with a side of unwashed spinach.

Suki: If anyone can dish up a bowl of peanut-butter stew and convince you that it’s tasty, it’s Suki. The self-admitted diva will stop at nothing to win, be it the master bedroom or coveted apprenticeship.

Will: The healthy Boston native shuns all things Paula Deen, so it should serve as no shocker that his tortellini butter sauce was “broken.” (Note: We’re not entirely sure what Chef Brooke meant by that, but few things sound more heart-wrenching than a broken butter sauce.)