What’s the one thing ‘catfish’ host nev schulman wishes he’d known 10 years ago?

There’s no mystery Nev Schulman can’t solve as proud “Catfish” authority, but the super-sleuth hasn’t always had all the answers.

Schulman, who’s on the road again for the show’s fourth season, eagerly offered dating and relationship advice to Esquire readers yesterday. And when a man named Kent asked the MTV detective one thing he wishes he’d known when he was 20, Schulman, who turned 30 last year, pointed to one particular virtue.

“Just be honest,” he shared bluntly. “I could have easily said that at 20, but I didn’t really appreciate the value of being confident in saying exactly what you mean and knowing when and why telling the truth is essential to your own happiness. You have to learn to be honest with yourself, and that’s the thing that really sets you free.”

And if you aren’t sure exactly what it is that sets you free, Schulman suggested taking some time to venture off the beaten path.

“Best advice I can give is go on an adventure,” he advised. “Leave everything you know behind and find a new place with new people. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to find your way is get lost.”

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