What will judd apatow and eminem talk about at the movie awards?


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What Will Judd Apatow And Eminem Talk About At The Movie Awards?

Alex Zalben, MTV.com

Good news, “Funny People” fans: Judd Apatow and Eminem will finally be reunited at the MTV Movie Awards. As Apatow tweeted; “I am sitting behind my old friend Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. And I am feeling chatty.”


Before you cry, “random” the duo did work together on Judd Apatow’s 2009 directing and writing effort “Funny People,” where the rapper made a cameo as himself. But with a few years in between, what will Mr. Mathers and Mr. Apatow be talking about when they sit down at the big show?

Planning A “Funny People” Sequel
Since Apatow has already ventured into the world of sequels and spin-offs with “This Is 40” — which followed characters from hit movie “Knocked Up” — why not also have a “Funny People” spin-off focused on Eminem’s classic movie character, Eminem? You could call it “Serious People,” maybe? We’ll leave the titles up to the professionals.

Tips For Em’s “Monster” Performance
We don’t have confirmation that Apatow is Eminem’s vocal coach, but there’s no reason to think that the many-talented man couldn’t also help warm up the rapper’s vocal chords. At the very least, he could psych him up for his performance. Maybe Ivan Reitman could do the same for Rihanna?

Whereabouts Of That Missing Plane
It seems like every celebrity, from Courtney Love to James Cameron, has a theory about missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, so perhaps Apatow and Eminem could hash out their own guesses while waiting for Channing Tatum to accept the trailblazer award.

Planning A Reboot Of “Guys and Dolls”
We’ve already confirmed that Conan O’Brien thinks Eminem is a “Guys and Dolls” fanatic, so why not hook up with Apatow to direct a reboot of the classic Broadway musical? Whether Eminem is actually a fan or not is totally besides the point.

Finding Each Other’s Tickle Spots
When you see an Eminem, and you see a Judd Apatow next to him? You just know they gonna be finding each other’s tickle spots. Know what we’re saying? No? Okay then.

What do you think Eminem and Judd Apatow will chat about at the show?

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