What we learned from the season 14 premiere of ‘degrassi’


Warning: serious spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the episode. Oh, and if you haven’t watched it yet— we recommend you do so NOW! 

Oh. My. Baby! Tonight’s season premiere of ‘Degrassi‘ dropped Becky AND our jaws.

After Becky’s teammates dropped her from the top of a human pyramid, Zoe was free to take over Power Cheer, leaving Becky all the time in the world to focus on her BF’s soon-to-be baby daddy status. Yep! Clare and Drew are about to be Clew +1.

On top of the big baby news it looks like things are heating up fast between Tristan and Miles. Maybe Tristan’s ability to move on from Mr. Yates means he can forgive Maya for outing their secret relationship in the first place? One can only hope.

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Zoe was pumped for Power Cheer tryouts but Becky couldn’t think of anything worse than spending her spare time with the star given their history in court:


But Zoe was good. Like REALLY good. But that didn’t stop Becky from cutting her from the team anyway. Not something we would expect from the good Christian girl:


And while the girls were busy with Power Cheer tryouts, the boys were getting busy too. A secret make-out session in the greenhouse had us thinking Tristan and Miles were just getting started: 

Turns out we were right. During a heated argument with his father, Miles spilled the beans on his relationship with Tristan. We’re not sure if he’s fully committed or if he just wants to get back at his dad but we do know one thing—the secrets out:

Miles isn’t the only one sharing secrets. Clare decided to ‘deal’ with her situation on her own but that didn’t stop her from telling Drew about the baby anyway:

The next day, Clare finally heard back from Columbia and for once, it was good news:


That was until Dallas noticed Clare was experiencing spotting due to pregnancy:


This prompted some serious girl talk in the bathroom. But like a couple of rookies, Clare and Ali forget to check the stalls and Zoe heard everything about the baby:


Zoe, who was still upset about Becky cutting her from Power Cheer, saw an opportunity. Since Becky told Zoe she couldn’t join Power Cheer due to ‘baggage’ she thought it important to point out Becky’s baggage:


Zoe told Becky all about Clare and Drew’s situation and Becky went from being on top to falling flat on her face:

And just like that—the b*tch is back: 


Looks like it will be Clew +1 after all. Here’s hoping there’s room for Becky in that equation too: 

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