What “star wars episode 7” can learn from “angry birds: star wars”

Can’t wait for “Star Wars: Episode VII” to hit theaters? No sweat. There’s a new, more immediate way to enjoy that galaxy so far away thanks to “Angry Birds: Star Wars,” available for download now.

Rovio’s latest entry in their video game franchise coats the birds you love and the pigs you hate in new Rebellion and Imperial duds, with special features and levels crafted to follow the original “Star Wars” movie’s narrative and aesthetic. On the surface, the game is little more than a new way to spice up your daily commute. But if you look deeper, you’ll see hidden value in “Angry Birds Star Wars” — specifically, that it holds a few important lessons that Disney can and should apply to their upcoming “Star Wars” sequel.

Just as Disney can learn from its Marvel acquisition, so too can the House of Mouse look at the latest “Angry Birds” game — a tongue-in-cheek take on one of the most storied film franchises of all time — as they plan their next “Star Wars” movies. Two of the most important areas to look at are visibility and accessibility, according to MTV Geek editor Valerie Gallaher.

“‘Episode VII’ should take a page from the phenomenal success of the ‘Angry Birds’ franchise and make sure that it’s thoroughly integrated through apps and mobile devices,” she says. “Everybody stares at their phones and tablets all day long — they should make that work to their advantage, the way that Rovio has done with ‘AB.'”

Beyond that, the levity seen in “Angry Birds” is something that Disney should value going forward.

“Many people probably think that something like ‘Angry Birds: Star Wars’ is just a ridiculous dilution of the property,” says Newsarama.com site editor Lucas Siegel, a noted “Star Wars” fan and video game journalist. “What it really is, however, is the lesson that Star Wars is a far-reaching and exciting universe that can be used for fun all over. Whether it’s ‘Family Guy’ or ‘Robot Chicken’ poking fun, or the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Detours” or even a new full-length live-action feature film, Star Wars needs to stay fun, and that’s what ‘Angry Birds’ reminds us, and hopefully Lucasfilm.”

What lessons do you think Disney can take from “Angry Birds” heading into their “Star Wars” sequels? Let us know in the comments below!