What kind of drama could befall beacon hills when ‘teen wolf’ returns in january?

For a split second, it seemed that Beacon Hills was about to get off Scott-free (puns are fun!): Darachifer was dead, Kali had joined her buddy Ennis down in Werewolf Hell and Deucalion himself seemed to have resolved his murderous vendetta against, well, everyone. Even the formerly evil twins found themselves blissfully canoodling with their significant others in “Teen Wolf” Lover Land.

BUT, then we saw poor, mutilated Jennifer, hanging on by a threadfor a second time. Peter Hale suddenly appeared and finished what the Duke couldn’t, just before informing us that he’s “ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHA!!!” What in the H-E-double-hockey-stick? Now that we’ve had a week to let the “Teen Wolf” summer finale marinate, where does Peter’s apparent return to the dark side leave us? Well, we have a few ideas…

Peter Hale will wreak havoc as the Alpha…again.

This moment has kinda been a long time coming, right? Peter spent Season 1 seeking revenge on the Argents just before getting his throat slashed by Derek. Season 2 was focused on using Lydia to bring him back to life, and while he’s taken a backseat so far during Season 3, we have a feeling he’s only been building up to bigger, badder things. We’re scared. Hold us.

When Gerard’s alive, anything can happen.

Old man Argent has quite the affinity for playing puppet master to evil creatures (Kanima, anyone?), and now that the nemeton has even more power, thanks to Scott & Co.’s surrogate sacrifices, many more evils are apt to greet Beacon Hills…or so says Dr. Deaton. And he’s pretty much a genius.


Derek will probably cry a lot.

Our favorite blue-eyed Alpha-turned-Beta is obvi depressed. Derek lost his lover to a sinister tree trunk, his Alpha status has diminished after saving Cora and even Isaac has little respect left for him. Oh, and his uncle is crazypants again. Good luck surviving the rest of Season 3, D-Hale. We’re here if you ever need a strong, never-ending bear hug. Or French kiss.

A Scallisac love triangle could pull Scott’s pack apart.

When it comes to Scallison vs. Allisac, you guys were torn. While Scott and Allison have history, Isaac and the feisty Argent have undeniable chemistry. Even Dr. Deaton says so, and didn’t we already establish he’s the Beacon Hills equivalent of Yoda?


Deucalion may go all DEMON WOLF on us again.

We can’t believe that Derek and Scott are leaving Duke to his own devices — the fact that the super Alpha is no longer visually impaired only makes him more of a threat! We predict some major Duke vs. Peter battles come January.

What are YOUR predictions for Season 3’s second half? Comment with your theories!