What did you think of clare’s decision on tonight’s premiere?


Clare was faced with one of the biggest decisions of her life on tonight’s season premiere of ‘Degrassi‘ and she clearly struggled with what choice to make. The summer finale left us hanging when it was revealed that Clare was expecting a baby and tonight’s premiere confirmed that Drew was the father.

Clare had plans to take care of the situation without telling anyone but it didn’t take long for Ali to figure it out and soon after Drew found out too. Clare was set on getting an abortion until a little bleeding led to her thinking something was wrong. During Clare’s visit to the hospital the doctor said the one thing no one else had, ‘Clare it’s pretty surprising you’re pregnant at all, considering what your body went through with the chemo…some women never conceive after cancer.’

After considering all of her options, Clare decided having the baby was the best choice for her.

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