What are the biggest dating dealbreakers? Mtv’s ‘are you the one? ’ cast weigh in [video]

There are many factors to keep in mind whilst on the hunt for a significant other. Is the person you’re feelin’ kind and considerate? He absolutely should be. Is he employed? That definitely helps. Is he well-endowed? We’d consider it a pleasant bonus, though Simone — one of the 20 love-hopefuls on MTV’s new dating competition, “Are You The One?” — firmly states that it’s a MUST in our Dating Dealbreakers video, er, package below. Small penis = slim chance with Simone, fellas.

Jacy, on the other hand, is more concerned with whether her man keeps his junk soft to the touch. “If you have hairy chest, hairy penis…GOT to go,” the feisty Latina says. As for the men of the cast, they’ve got their own set of physical demands. While Chris S. is a stickler for presentable feet, Dre simply “can’t stand a girl who does not keep her hair nice.” And then there’s Joey, who loves it “when you smell good — in all types of places.”

Enough said? Not quite. Check out the video to hear each and every show contestant list off their dealbreakers, and make sure to tune in for the premiere of “Are You The One?” this Tuesday at 11e/8p!