We’ve got five reasons the ‘teen wolf’ assassins need to give up, but they’re not for the faint-hearted

The supernatural-assassins of this season’s “Teen Wolf” have had no qualms killing the innocent, but their days of spilling blood in exchange for heaps of cash might soon end…if they know what’s good for them.

When The Benefactor’s hired killers first popped up in Beacon Hills, there seemed to be no stopping them. The Orphans, Mute Man and freelance murderers, alike, all had success crossing off names from the coded dead pool that Lydia uncovered. But lately, werewolves, kitsunes and all sorts of non-humans have resolved to fight back, and even renegade Kate Argent has helped to stop the hired guns in their tracks.

A disguised PSAT proctor made the latest attempt to off Scott and his pals on the most recent episode, but his plan came up short, and he was taken out by Scott’s father.

It’s clear that evil doesn’t necessarily have the upper hand in this battle, but in case any of The Benefactor’s contracts need further evidence that they’re on the wrong side of the fight, here are five solid arguments that they should just give up:


1. Violet:

2. Mute Man:

3. Garrett:

4. Kate’s Junkyard Target

5. PSAT Proctor: