We day speaker alex deans redefines being 12 years old

If We Day is about anything, it is about inspiring young people to make positive change in the world. The day long event hit the Air Canada Centre with a big impact. Lead by the founders of Free the Children, Craig and Marc Kielberger, the event attracts some of the most moving speakers. Alex Deans was one of those speakers.

Alex Deans is one of those kids that makes you remember what you were doing at age twelve. Well, when Alex was twelve, he noticed a woman who was vision impaired having a hard time getting around. Her seeing eye dog had just passed away. Since then, Alex has been working on and finessing an invention to help people like her see, the iAid. It uses ultrasonic technology (kind of like a bat) to detect obstacles using a joystick like device. The incredibly charismatic speaker made it clear that it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you see a problem, you can make it better.

Watch the clip below to hear Alex’s awesome words of inspiration. For more, be sure to watch the We Day broadcast premiere on Tuesday, November 11 at 8e/5p on MTV. Plus, you can catch We Day Vancouver streaming live on MTV.ca Wednesday, October 22 at 12e/9p.