Watch your back, martha stewart: ‘the hills’ gals are coming for you

Sour cranberry sauce or dried-out garland will be the least of homemaking mogul Martha Stewart’s worries this holiday season…there may just be a coup d’état in the works.

Hills” export Lo Bosworth, who’s been flexing her culinary muscles lately, recently stopped by Stewart’s “Everyday Food” channel, hosted by Sarah Carey, to share a dish that couldn’t not be loved — macaroni and cheese with bread crumbs and tons of ham. And between stirring the creamy roux and grating handfuls of cheese, Bosworth makes it clear in the video below, which was posted yesterday, that any Thanksgiving dinner will be incomplete without the dish.

Hear that, Martha? That’s the sound of your defenses collapsing.

And Bosworth wasn’t the first “Hills” delegate to wiggle her way into the Stewart fray. Last May, DIY queen Lauren Conrad took over the company’s Pinterest account for an entire month, posting whichever recipes, crafting projects or gown-alteration techniques she pleased. And when she congratulated Bosworth on the “Everyday Food” segment yesterday, it was clear the ladies were in cahoots.

“Where do we put in our orders @LoBosworth? I’ll pick mine up on Thursday morning. K, thanks,” she tweeted. THE SCANDAL!

We’ll keep you in our prayers, M.