Watch these ‘are you the one? ’ imperfect matches finish each other’s sentences pretty perfectly [video]

2013 study conducted by the University of California, Davis, found that when a man and a woman become a couple, their heart rates can sync up (aww…), but do their brainwaves follow suit? Since the “Are You the One?” daters were no strangers to challenges in Hawaii, we decided to test the theory by putting two of our favorite imperfect (yet undeniable) matches in the hot seat, and, well, the results were pretty…perfect.

In the game below, we ask inseparable duos, Dre and Ashleigh and Shanley and Chris to finish each other’s sentences, the topics of which range from spending a night in a tent with Joey (here’s lookin’ at you, Ash) to who among the show’s singles is doomed to repeat the same mistakes (*cough, Chris, cough*).

“Three positive things that I can say about Simone are…” Chris begins at one point, which prompts a giggle-fit from Simone’s enemy-turned-pal, Shanley. “Strong?” Shanley chimes in. “Driven? Loud.” Hey, the journey to forgiveness isn’t necessarily a quick one!

See how the couples fare in the game below and hang tight for the show’s reunion special tonight at 11e/8p!