Watch the first scene from the upcoming episode of degrassi ‘wise up’ [1402]

Miles in 'Wise Up'

When Miles came out to his family on the season premiere of ‘Degrassi‘ they didn’t exactly react the way one would hope. Frankie questioned what it all meant and Miles’ parents insisted it was just another cry for attention. We’re not exactly sure if Miles even knows what it all means but we’re optimistic he’ll figure it out soon. In the meantime, talking to the press about it definitely isn’t the way to go…

At the end of the season premiere, Miles was approached by a reporter looking for a story surrounding his father’s political campaign. Unfortunately the reporter asked Miles to share his father’s words of wisdom and he wasn’t about to hold back. The last thing Mr. Hollingsworth said to his son was, ‘You were dating girls a few weeks ago, you’re kissing boys now. It’s not right.’ Ouch.

On next week’s episode of ‘Degrassi’ Miles won’t be able hide from the headlines for long. In the first scene from ‘Wise Up’ Miles’ family will confront him about the front page story but their reactions aren’t what you would expect.  Check out the first scene below to find out how Miles’ family reacts to the news and catch the full episode when it airs Tuesday at 9e/6p on MTV!