Watch the first scene from the next episode of degrassi: ‘there’s your trouble’

Becky (Ep. 1505)

On the next episode of ‘Degrassi,’ Becky’s mom will try and convince her daughter to visit her brother, Luke. Only one problem—Luke is in juvenile detention for assaulting Zoe Rivas at a party last semester and Becky helped put him there.

The once perky student hasn’t been the same since her brother’s trial and visiting him would only remind her of the pain. On top of that, Becky is convinced Luke wouldn’t even want to see her, but that is apparently untrue.

In the sneak peek below, Becky’s mom gives her a letter from Luke requesting a visit. It looks like Becky is about to consider the idea but quickly changes her mind and claims to be too busy with band practice. Last we checked Becky wasn’t in a band but there happens to be a certain new guy standing on the steps making a casting call. Think Becky will join a band to avoid seeing her brother, or is this good Christian girl telling her first lie ever?

Watch the first scene below and find out what happens on an all-new ‘Degrassi‘ Tuesday night at 9e/6p on MTV!

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