Watch rihanna hilariously reject louis c. K. In this ‘snl’ promo

Rihanna and Louis C.K. might be an odd couple, but they sure do have chemistry.

The duo showed off their comedic dynamic Thursday (May 14) when “Saturday Night Live” unveiled its promos for the show’s season 40 finale. And yes, they’re hilarious.

Here’s a breakdown of why the promo had us cracking up and gearing up for this Saturday’s episode.


Rihanna Proves She Is Always Fierce



OMG – RiRi Made Leslie Jones Pee On Herself



Apparently, Louis C.K. Thinks He’s Dating Rihanna



RiRi’s Reply To Louis Was Meme-Worthy



Watch The Full Rihanna Promos Below


Then Get Extra Laughs With Louis’ Additional Promos

Hope these two have a few skits together this Saturday!