“watch out now”: what we learned from tonight’s premiere of ‘degrassi’


The rules of school have changed, and so has the Principal. But no need to worry about a decline in drama–it will take a lot more than a few new rules to tame this student body.

Tonight’s premiere revealed the new Degrassi regime, which includes; no cell phones, no PDA and ZERO tolerance for kissing. Despite said rules, spit was swapped, hands were held and punches were thrown. At least the Cheer Squad will have a vast variety of company during their after school detention.

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New Code of Conduct

Principal Simpson is no more. Principal Pill is running the show now, and she’s got her team of hall monitors on the lookout–Drew being one of them. As part of the new regime, students are required to get approval for all extracurricular activities, including live musical performances during school hours…


You may recall from last season, Becky partnered with new Degrassi student, Jonah, to form a musical act. When she joined Jonah’s band, Becky was still in a relationship with Drew. That ship has long sailed, and her feelings for Jonah are just about to dock. Unfortunately, Becky’s feelings for Jonah haven’t gone unnoticed by Drew.

Drew denied Becky’s formal request to use the school cafeteria as a performance space during lunch as a way to keep her from spending time with Jonah, but when Becky didn’t get what she wanted, she decided to bends the rules in her favour.


Becky went to Drew to reassure him nothing was going on between her and Jonah. When Drew refused to hear her out, Becky let on that she might actually still have feelings for Drew. 

Once Drew was convinced his chances with Becky weren’t totally shot, he agreed to let Becky and Jonah perform for the school during lunch.

Becky got what she wanted, and she played dirty to get it. After her performance she couldn’t help noticing Drew’s smiling face in the front row. That’s when she realized she couldn’t pretend to like Drew forever just to get her way, especially since her real feelings were for Jonah.


Becky came clean with Drew, but he didn’t take the news well… at all!


It didn’t help that Jonah showed up right as Becky finished telling Drew that her feelings for him were done for good. In a moment of anger, Drew told Principal Pill that he’d found Becky and Jonah making out in the school stairwell, landing them a week in detention.


Becky finally (accidentally) confessed her feelings to Jonah, and as payback for Drew’s childish behaviour, Becky kissed Jonah for the first time and made sure Drew didn’t miss a beat. degrassi-1314-becky-jonah

The Comedian, the Loser

Forget about the rules, all Winston can think about is trying to figure out how he fits in to the whole high school clique. A distracted Winston struggled to focus on kissing his girlfriend Frankie (after school hours, of course) when all he could think about was the fact that he’d been labeled ‘the funny guy’ of the group. Not the worst thing to be if you ask us…


Following Becky and Jonah’s musical performance, Winston took the stage to test his stand-up routine on his peers. Things started out funny, but took a turn when all the jokes came at the expense of Frankie.degrassi-1314-Frankie1

His jokes didn’t come with an apology, or an understanding as to why Frankie would be upset, causing a fight that led to Frankie calling Winston the one thing he didn’t want to be called, a loser.


An upset Winston sulked in the halls only to be greeted by a chipper Lola. Lola said all the things Winston needed to hear, and in that moment, he made a terrible decision and kissed Lola.

Winston immediately realized his mistake and begged Lola to never mention it again. His next move was to make things right with Frankie. He finished a script for a musical she’d asked him to write and gave it to her as an apology. Just as they were reconciling their differences, Lola walked by in an obviously guilty kind of way. We can’t see this kiss staying secret for long, especially with all the new cameras patrolling the halls…


Bullied and Beaten Down

As the ringleader of Degrassi nudes, Zoe will have to pay a tall price before things at school go back to normal, starting with detention. It’s one thing to be trapped in a room with your former cheer squad that now hates you, but the girls aren’t Zoe’s only headache.

Damon, a former friend to Zig and regular in detention, has made a game of tormenting Zoe and the girls responsible for Degrassi nudes. Fed up with seeing the girls go through any more pain for what she made them do, Zoe decided to put Damon in his place by beating him at this own game. 

A little chocolate pudding on the desk chair never hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Zoe tried to end the war with Damon by smothering his chair in pudding. The prank was a sweet attempt to get Damon to stop bothering the girls, but it only seemed to wake the beast.


After detention, Damon approached Zoe just outside the school. When Zig noticed Damon harassing her, he stepped in to help. Things went from bad to worse. When Damon shoved Zig, Tiny jumped in to help him. Within seconds Tiny was on the ground with blood running down his side, and Damon was fleeing the scene.